Privacy Policy

(1)Company name
 Yuranza Inc.

(2)Name or title of the personal information protection administrator
 Information protection administrator : Chief Executive Officer / Masahiro TOZAWA

(3)Purpose of use of personal information
 1 To send materials and information related to our services and email newsletter
 2 To participate in events planned and operated by our company and to provide related information

(4)Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
 Personal information obtained will not be provided to third parties.

(5)Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information
 We will not outsource the handling of personal information obtained without the consent of the user.

(6)Consequences for not giving personal information
 Giving us your personal information is voluntary. If you do not provide some of the information regarding your personal information, we may not be able to send you materials or allow you to participate in events we plan and operate.

(7)Disclosure, etc. of personal information subject to disclosure and contact for inquiries
 At your request, we will comply with your request for disclosure, notification of the purpose of use, correction, addition, or deletion of content, suspension of use, elimination, and suspension of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”) concerning personal information subject to disclosure held by the Company.

(8)Use of Cookies
 We use cookies to improve our services to our customers and to distribute advertisements and promote our services. A cookie is a mechanism that stores the usage history, input contents, and other information sent and received between Internet browsing software (browser) and the server as a file on the customer’s computer when the customer uses a web page. If you allow cookies to be sent and received in your browser settings, we may retrieve the cookies stored on your computer and link the collected behavioral history to your personal information.

(9)Security Control Measures for Personal Information
 We will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information and to correct such leakage, loss, or damage, and to otherwise safely manage personal information.

Update: February 10th, 2024